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Short Platform

The Parish Council have approached Southeastern about doors not opening on long trains that stop at Westenhanger platform 2 and suggested that the stop mark should be moved. The following is the reply from their Commercial Director:


The GPS system prevents the trains opening the doors until it recognizes the location and has a platform length in its data base. Currently GPS technology can not cope with two platforms so close together. So we set the system at the shortest length to ensure we do not open 8 doors on the 5 car platform. The eight car platform is marked so the cars fit on the platform and we want the driver to obey this stop mark so it does not cause confusion. In addition if the platform is 8 cars long it is safer to stop with the 8 cars on the platform and the passengers can at least see they are at the station if traveling in these cars. This does make it more inconvenient for passengers joining the train but on balance we think this is the best solution.
There is a technical solution to fit a track based beacon but the last time we reviewed this it was very expensive and was discounted.

Ticket Purchase Information.
You must have a ticket or Permit to Travel before you board a train at Westenhanger Station, unless the Permit to Travel machine is out of order. The Permit to Travel Machine is the small red machine located by the entrance to the London Bound Platform. Each passenger must have a ticket or Permit to Travel. Insert one coin in the machine to obtain a Permit and press the green button. Once on board train the Permit to Travel can be exchanged for a ticket from the conductor and the value of the Permit to Travel will be deducted from the ticket price.

Advance Purchase.
If your journey is entirely on South Eastern Trains to London or in Kent there is no advantage in purchasing tickets in advance as no discount is given for booking ahead. If you are making a long distance journey there may well be advantages in buying ahead and in these circumstances you are advised to check ticket issuing websites. A choice of these is obtained from the nationalrail website (see below)



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Weekly Season Tickets are issued on board train (you must have a Photo Card to buy a season ticket).


Photo Cards and Season Tickets for a month or more are obtained from all Staffed Stations. Take a passport size photo with you to obtain a photo card. A photo card can be issued immediately. It is possible to buy a season ticket for an “odd period” – such as 2 months and 3 days. If you want a season ticket for less than one month you will have to buy weekly tickets. Weekly Season tickets are not normally issued in advance.


If you intend to travel regularly over a long period consider an Annual Season Ticket. An Annual Season Ticket price is calculated at 40x the Weekly Price (therefore you get 12 weeks free).


Refunds are granted on Season Tickets so long as they are surrendered immediately travel is no longer required. The refund will be the outstanding travel on the ticket less an administrative fee (normally £10) In the case of Annual Season Tickets refunds are not granted on a pro rata basis as there is 12 weeks free travel built into the season ticket (see above) so your refund will be calculated on the monthly season ticket rate. This means that if you have used your Annual Season Ticket for (say) 10 months there will be no refund due.


There is a range of  Railcards which can be purchased online or (except Disabled Persons) purchased “over the counter” at staffed stations. Railcard holders normally get one third off the price on “off peak” travel, but there are many different rates and you are advised to check the following conditions carefully. An Annual Season Ticket holder is automatically a railcard holder as the season ticket acts as a railcard with slightly better conditions than a Network Railcard.



Click on the link below for each type of railcard:

Young Persons Railcard (age 16 – 25)

Family Railcard (valid when taking a child by train)

Network Railcard  (valid in the South-East only)

Senior Railcard (persons over 60)

Disabled Persons Railcard (Issued only to those registered disabled)

International Rail Travel. It is very easy to travel to Paris and Bruxelles by Eurostar and then onwards into Europe. The choice is vast and a good way to get started is to view: Which has all the information and links that you will require!



(all photos taken 16th April 2008)