How much does the Parish Council pay itself?

  In short – nothing. The Clerk is employed by the Council and is paid a salary. Individual members of the Council give their time and services for free. Reasonable expenses may, from time to time, be reimbursed. The Parish Council has decided, for the present, not to take up this possibility.   

Am I allowed to attend Parish Council meetings?

Parish Council meetings are open to all members of the public. Annual Parish Meetings are open to registered electors only. We give a warm welcome to parishoners at meetings of the Parish Council, but those who come to the meetings should be aware that they are primarily there as observers. However, we always have a […]

What is the difference between a Parish Council meeting and an Annual Village meeting?

  The Annual VIllage Meeting is not a Council meeting, although it is called by and chaired by the chair of the Parish Council. It is a meeting for all electors to provide for discussion of local topics. It is required by law; its decisions are not binding on the Parish Council but are advisory. […]

How are the Chairman and Vice- Chair decided upon?

  At every AGM of the Parish Council both posts are open to election from the current members of the Parish Council. The Chair and Vice-Chair (if willing) are elected to serve for one year but may be re-elected at each AGM.

Why does there seem to be a delay in publishing the minutes of a meeting?

  The Clerk is responsible for taking the minutes at each meeting. She then types them up and presents them at the following meeting. Councillors then agree whether they are a true and accurate record, making any changes as necessary. Once the Council is satisfied then the minutes are signed by the Chairman and published. […]

I am interested in becoming a Parish Councillor. How do I become one?

  The first step is to attend Parish Council meetings to gain an insight into what is involved. The second step is to register an interest with the Chairman who will put you on a list of interested parties. If a vacancy occurs during the four year term of a Council, they will be advertised  […]

How often is the Parish Council Newsletter published?

  We try to publish a Newsletter once a year. However, as the parish is so small there is often a lack of news! The editor is always pleased to receive copy – please contact the Clerk to the Parish Council at or use the Contact Us page on this website.

What is the Councils policy on planning?

  The Parish Council is not the planning authority; that responsibility lies with Shepway District Council, therefore the Council does not have any power to agree or decline a planning application. However, the District Council has to consult the Parish Council on every planning issue therefore all the relevant papers are distributed to members who […]

Who are my representatives on the Parish Council and how do I contact them?

  The Parish Council members are listed on this website under Site Pages – Councillors Details. A printed list is placed on both notice boards. Councillors can be approached individually or you can telephone or e-mail the Clerk, whose name, address and telephone number is on the front page of this website. E-mail is the […]

Can I speak at Parish Council meetings to raise issues?

  Members of the public may speak only when invited by the chair, but all agendas include an item towards the beginning of Council meetings – Parish Questions – when issues can be raised by members of the public. If you feel that there is an important issue that needs special discussion, then please contact a […]