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Archived Agendas

2016/17 Agenda 8th March 2017 Agenda 18 January 2017 Agenda 14 December 2016 Agenda 26 October 2016.pdf Agenda 31 August 2016.pdf AGM AGENDA May 2016.pdf 2015/16 AGENDA 16 March 2016.pdf AGENDA 13 January 2016.pdf AGENDA 2 December 2015.pdf AGENDA 21 October 2015.pdf AGENDA 26August 2015.pdf AGENDA 8July 2015.pdf AGENDA 6 April 2015.pdf 2014/15 AGENDA 18 […]

Archived Minutes

2016/17 Minutes 8th March 2017 Minutes 18 January 2017 Minutes 14 December 2016 Minutes 26 October 2016 Minutes 31 August 2016.pdf Minutes 6 July 2016.pdf Minutes AGM 4 May 2016.pdf 2015/16 Minutes 16 March 2016.pdf MINUTES 13 January 2016.pdf MINUTES 2 December 2015.pdf MINUTES 21 October 2015.pdf MINUTES 26 August 2015.pdf Minutes 20July 2015.pdf MINUTES […]

How much does the Parish Council pay itself?

  In short – nothing. The Clerk is employed by the Council and is paid a salary. Individual members of the Council give their time and services for free. Reasonable expenses may, from time to time, be reimbursed. The Parish Council has decided, for the present, not to take up this possibility.