New Rail Franchise from 2014

(Rail service from Westenhanger)



Kent County Council (KCC) is currently consulting with Stakeholders on what the new rail franchise fror Kent should deliver. The current rail franchise (held by Southeastern Trains) is due to expire in 2012, but may be extended to 2014 if their performance is good enough. Stanford Parish Council has been actively involved with this process and below is published the propsals of KCC with the response of Stanford Parish Council. Ii has to be said that the Parish Council disagrees with most of what KCC propose!

Once the consultation period is over another Rail Summit will be held in April to present a final specification which will be delivered to the Department of Transport.

It will be noted that the Parish Council are presenting a case for High Speed trains to call at Westenhanger as well as turning the station into a "Parkway"…..



Please click here to read the current draft proposals of KCC

Please click here to read the response of Stanford Parish Council


Following the response of Stanford Parish Council KCC now propose 2 High Speed trains an hour from Folkestone to St Pancras (not calling at Westenhanger) and retaining 2 trains an hour from Westenhanger to Charing Cross (connecting at Ashford for High Speed to St Pancras). Connections at Ashford for High Speed to be improved.

Week-ends will see the retention of one train and hour to Charing Cross, which will connect at Ashford for St Pancras.

Please click below to see the final recommendations which will be going to the Department of Transport.

FInal Rail Action Plan