Lorry Parks update

The Project Director of H.E. John Kerner spoke with our chairman this morning 22nd June 2018 to brief him on H.E.’s latest Lorry Park programme.

H.E. are currently investigating circa 100 different sites across Kent. They are concentrating on the M20 Corridor and the M2 Corridor. H.E. are currently undertaking surveys across these 100 sites, and they do not believe they will be in a position to announce the chosen locations for circa 9 months.

We are aware that the junction 11 area is a site of interest to H.E.  And we as a council intend to have a dialogue with H.E. to defend our parish.

John Kerner has offered to come to Stanford to discuss the latest situation with us and we have accepted that offer and await a date as to when that will be.

There is a public consultation taking place at present, and anyone that wants to get information from the Highways England team can visit one of consultations (see the calendar for dates and venues).