Stanford Parish Rooms

We have now secured access to the building in the racecourse which will serve as our Parish Room.  We are using it to lay out the huge pile of documents that is the Otterpool Park Outline Planning Application.  There are two more planned ‘drop-ins’ this Saturday (18th) and the following Saturday, but if you want […]

Privacy Policy

Like all organisations, the Council is reviewing its policies and procedures to bring them into line with the GDPR. We have now published our Privacy Policy which was adopted by the Council on Wednesday and is now being followed.  Some amendments and additions to the existing documents on this website will be needed and this […]

Agenda AGM 9th May 2018

  Please click on any of the planning application links below for more information:- Y18/0116/SH – 3 Railway Cottages, Stanford South Y18/0348/SH – Hayward House, Kennett Lane, Stanford District Councillors’ Report –          A reminder about the Core Strategy Review – comments needing to be in by 18 May.  A further consultation will take place towards the […]